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Who is the designer?

Bridgette Whitney is not your average Joe designer. She’s most well known for her bold, funky, colorful interior design. She has helped numerous STR investors create unique spaces for guests to enjoy with her out-of-the-box creativity and her eye for repurposing hidden Facebook Marketplace finds. She's garnered a worldwide following of 550,000+ followers across all her platforms.


What Services does she provide?

- Full Service In Person STR design​

- Entire Home Virtual STR design

- 30 Minute Consultation call

At our core, we aim to develop properties that outperform comparable listings by generating 30-50% more revenue in your area. To achieve this, we rely on in-depth market research and data-driven design choices. Being investors ourselves, we recognize the significance of setting up your property correctly from the start. We optimize your property for guest count, offer top-notch amenities, and create a design that maximizes your return on investment. We also prioritize efficiency, ensuring a timely outcome so your property can start operating promptly.

Click below to check out the podcast I was on!

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