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We design short-term rentals that generate higher revenue, boost occupancy rates, and effortlessly stand out even in the most competitive markets.

Maximize Your ROI with Scroll-Stopping Designs


Cash Flow Sooner.

Where market research meets creative strategy and one of a kind design.


Game Plan

Design Installation

Setting your listing up for success with in-depth area comparables analysis.

Drawing from our comprehensive research, we identify the ideal amenities, guest count, and design direction to perfect your property.

We’ll get to work crafting a scroll-stopping listing that stands out, guaranteeing increased revenue and occupancy rates.

Vibrantly Designed STR Interior
Vibrantly Designed STR Interior


Let's increase your revenue 30-50% more than your competitors.

Full Service-
In Person


 Sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything while you enjoy doing absolutely nothing!

We handle all logistics, including orders, murals, coordinating sub contractors, social media marketing, trash removal and more. Our team will travel to your location to ensure a seamless experience.

Full Service- Virtual

If you're enthusiastic about DIY projects and project management but need help with the design aspect, this option is perfect for you!

After an initial consultation to align vision, budget, and theme, we'll create mock-ups of your space. You'll receive a user-friendly spread sheet with furniture details and links. I'll also be available for post-installation support.

30 Minute Consultation

The primary aim of this call is to do market research, understand room layouts, brainstorm ideas, and start to develop a style direction/theme.

As a reminder, specific product links and design boards are not a part of the initial consultation. Those components will come when/if you move forward with a virtual or in-person package.

"The power of a re-design is unmatched in the STR game! And with Bridget’s touch, our Airbnbs STAND OUT, elevating our portfolio to new heights!"

-Blue Gems


Recent Projects

Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

Tiktok Famous Condo

Nashville, TN Vacation Rental

Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

Pink Disco House

Joshua Tree, CA Vacation Rental

Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

Bachelorette House

Scottsdale, AZ Vacation Rental

Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

Colorful Family Fun House

Phoenix, AZ, Vacation Rental

Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

Funky Jungle House

Scottsdale, AZ Vacation Rental


Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

Eccentric House

Scottsdale, AZ Vacation Rental

Higher Occupancy and ROI begins with a Scroll-Stopping Listing

Colorful space
Vibrantly Designed STR Interior

We'll take it from here.

Design Boards

Social Media Marketing

Custom Murals

Sub Contractor Coordination

Shopping Spreadsheet

In Person Install

Turnkey STR


Who even is this girl?

STR interior designer
Vibrantly Designed STR Interior


Colorful STR interior design

Bridgette is a short-term rental stylist who specializes in crafting bold, colorful, and visually stunning interiors that guarantee an unforgettable experience for guests. Her journey commenced upon her graduation from San Diego State University in 2020. It was during this time that she ventured into the world of Airbnb arbitrage and soon discovered her innate knack for design. She cleverly utilized platforms like TikTok and Instagram to showcase her renovation projects, garnering a following of over 550,000 people.


Her social media success catapulted Bridgette into a full-time career as a short-term rental stylist, where she has completed numerous STRs and two commercial spaces—a brewery and a cafe. Being an Airbnb Superhost herself, she understands the significance of optimizing your listing. Her bold design style has been proven to boost both occupancy rates and average daily rates (ADR) for hosts.


Colorful STR interior design

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WOW!!!! I don’t leave reviews that often but I had to for this company. Literally blown away from the results. We have easily doubled our annual revenue (I’m not even exaggerating) and nothing changed aside from their incredible design. They took a boring property and transformed it into a complete memorable experience for our guests. I have actually hired them twice and plan on doing so again in the near future. Highly recommend to anyone trying to take your listing to the next level!!!

JB Bullock

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